Multiracial Family Resources

Diverse bloggers / writers / sites

These are some other authors that have interracial families and/or are great resources for multiracial families. Will continually be adding more.

Multiracial Media - I write a weekly hair care column for them. Media resource for all things Multiracial.

Multicultural Kid Blogs - Periodically I write guest posts for them. Collection of multicultural kid bloggers.

The Multiracial Activist - Online periodical of news, legislation, and other great things relating to multiracial people. I help moderate their Facebook page.

White Sugar Brown Sugar - Great resource for trans-racial adoption.

Blogger Resources

Recommendations for other bloggers

These are the websites/programs I use to help run my site. Recommend them to others trying to put together a blog.

SiteGround - They are who I host my site through and they have been nothing but amazing! They migrated my site for me from GoDaddy and it was such a smooth process. Their customer service was exceptional and they got it all taken care of for me... on a holiday! (affiliate link)

Missing Letter - This great resource automatically takes your blog posts and turns them into social media campaigns across multiple platforms automatically. They create post ideas spread out of the next year and you are also able to customize them if you don't like what they came up with. (affiliate link)

Link Tree - This is a MUST HAVE for Instagram. You know how you only have space for one link? Well this gives you a link that then allows you to add multiple links for people to choose from. You can personalize the colors and can even upgrade to Pro if you want to schedule when the links go live. Even if you don't the Free version is still incredibly helpful. If you would like to see a sample check out my The Mixed Mama LinkTree.

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