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So you want to Straighten your Curly Kids Hair?

Curly and Straight Before and After _ How to Straighten your Curly Kids Hair _ Using Etae Carmelux Combo_ by Mixed Family Life

So you want to straighten your Curly Kids Hair? But you want to keep it healthy (I hope)? Then there is a product, that we have used, that we loved that helped protect my daughter’s hair and keep it’s curl pattern. Best of all? Made from Natural Ingredients!

How to Straighten your Curly Kids Hair _ Using Etae Carmelux Combo_ by Mixed Family Life

First off, my hope is that you are teaching your curly haired babes to LOVE their curls. Once you have done that, and remind them that they are perfect and beautiful as they are… then you can proceed to straighten.

Many Ethnicities _ LOC / LCO Method by Mixed Family Life for Multiracial Media

My daughter had been bugging me for a while to straightend. So we decided to do it for her. But I didn’t do  a lot of research unfortunately. I just blow dried the hair as straight as I could, then used my straightener. It was not well protected, did not come out that well, and didn’t last.

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The next year, for her 5th birthday, she wanted it straightened again. This time I decided to do research and find products that would help me keep her hair healthier and silkier. I kept seeing videos featuring E’Tae Natural Products Carmelux Combo Kit. I ordered it and decided to try it out! Plus it’s Sulfate, Paraben, Silicon, and Artificial Fragrance Free!

The product came in and since I wanted to minimize the heat on my daughters hair I didn’t get to practice before her birthday so I was nervous if I was going to be able to make it turn out nice. But it was so easy that I had no problems. Like I said I watched a few videos prior to buying it and there are a ton online that you can watch to show you the steps to do.

Basically, you use their conditioner to detangle (with a wide tooth comb), and then you coat the hair with their special Carmel, comb it through and then sit with that in the hair for about 20 minutes with a shower cap on, rinse that out, shampoo and massage it in for a couple minutes. Then you rinse, and rinse, and then rinse some more. Keep rinsing until you get all the shampoo out and the water runs clear. You then add conditioner again. Detangle once more. Rinse this out and then section the hair. You then blow dry the hair straight. Add their amazing Buttershine (a TINY bit) to the hair. Then section it and use a fine tooth comb to comb and pass along with your flat iron. Take small sections at a time so you only have to go over the section once.

So you want to straighten your Curly Kids Hair _ E'Tae Natural Products Carmelux Combo Kit _ Straight Hair Birthday

Once you finish the entire head, the hair turns out silky and soft. Ours lasted at least a week, but could’ve gone longer. This was mostly because I wanted to wash her hair the following weekend and get her curls back. I feel like you could make it last a month if you wrapped it and cared for it better. We also used it as an opportunity to trim her hair.

So you want to straighten your Curly Kids Hair _ E'Tae Natural Products Carmelux Combo Kit _ Straight Hair In Braid

After we did a deep condition treatment on it to help bring as much moisture back in, but honestly it was healthy just by using the E’Tae Natural Products Carmel Combo.

Have you ever used the Carmel Combo set by E’Tae? Did you like it?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. SKSAzMom

    Would this work on short boys hair too do you think? My son wants spikey hair for his 6th birthday and I do emphasize how beautiful his curls are… though he also happened to get the curls from me too. He sees me style my hair or get it blown out and wants to be able to see what his will look like spiked like his cousins. I am hesitant to use any heat on his head because his hair is so short. Any suggestions? I wondered if I should just use a bunch of sculpting gel to obtain the look he wants for his party.

    • Hi! Depending on its length if it is short enough I would probably just do the gel. Mostly because it might be too hard to use a straightner if too short. It wouldn’t be damaged if you use the right product/technique for one special day. But again the short length may make a logical problem. Lol. Wish you luck!

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