By now I’m sure many of you have heard of folks sending in their DNA to be tested to find out their ancestry. My husband got me one of those kits from 23andMe so I could find out more about myself. To be honest I am nervous to find out the results!

What if what I’ve thought was true the entirety of my life… isn’t? Now I will admit I am fairly confident that I am Polish, Italian, and German. A majority of me is Polish since that comes from both sides of my family. I used to dig around on along with conversations with my grandma to put together a pretty decent history of my family.

Multiracial Family Photo by William Charls

Photo by William Charls

My maternal grandfather is from Italy, my maternal grandmother’s family is Polish. She is even a relative of the Cowardly Lion from the original Wizard of Oz! My paternal side is a little more unknown as he left when I was 4 years old and we aren’t close so I couldn’t ask them. But from last names I was able to research Polish and German Ancestry.

By those estimates I am about 50% Polish, 25% Italian, and 25% German. I really cannot wait to find out what the results of my test say. But I am also nervous! Not sure why though. I sent them in a few weeks ago and I should find out the results soon as their site says it takes 6-8 weeks. Recently I bought my husband one too when they had a sale going on St. Patrick’s Day.  Now HIS will be really interesting as his dad African American and his mother is from Belize.

I will check back in once I find out the results. Have you done this test (or another similar one) and gotten your results? Were you surprised?

Thanks for reading!

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