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Things I’m Loving Right Now – Valentine’s 2018 Edition

Multiracial Family Photo by William Charls

Photo by William Charls

Last year I wrote a post of things I’m loving right now and I wanted to continue that to this year. Keep reading to find out what they are (in no particular order.)

Things I'm Loving Right Now - Valentine's 2018 Edition - by Mixed Family Life

Things I’m Loving Right Now – Valentine’s 2018 Edition

This post may contain affiliate links but all opinions are my own. Read here for full disclosure.

1. Righteous Roots Pre-Poo Hair Oil

We LOOOOVE this stuff in our house. We use it as a pre-poo, part of our deep conditioning routine, and as the O in the LOC/LCO method. It works great, smells great, and is made by an amazing fellow small business mama!

Righteous Roots Pre-Poo Oil - by Mixed Family Life

2 . Many Ethnicities Kids Leave-In Conditioner

Another hair product that we are obsessed with is this leave-in. It also is made by a small business mama (see a theme here?), it has AMAZING ingredients in it, and a little goes a long way. We use it daily when we refresh our kids curls.

MUST HAVE Products for Multiracial Hair Care - Mixed Hair Care - Many Ethnicities Kids Leave In Conditioner by MIxed Family Life

3. Princess Truly in I am Truly

My daughter got this book at her school book fair and we both just fell in love with it. It teaches little girls, especially little girls of color, that they can be anything. The art is super cute and fun to look at. The message behind it is exactly what any parent would want their kids to read. You MUST check this book out.

Princess Truly in I am Truly by Kelly Greenawalt and illustrated by Amariah Rauscher - Photo by Mixed Family Life

4. La Princesa and the Pea

This was the book we had the honor of reviewing for Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2018. It is a Latin spin on the classic tale and I would argue it’s better than the original.  The artwork is stunning and as a bonus your kids get to learn some Spanish words. If you are trying to raise multicultural kids then this book is a must.

La Princesa and the Pea - Book Review - MCBD 2018 - by Mixed Family Life

5. Ibari’s Curls

Of course I had to include my own book. This year I published Ibari’s Curls to represent my daughter and other multiracial kids in the world. It teaches self-love, body autonomy, acceptance of differences, and basic curl care. It is perfect for any kid, even if they don’t have curly hair!

Ibari's Curls by Nicholette Thomas _ Front Cover

6. Bonsai Kids Curl Revival Spray

This spray is so amazing to use in the morning when you need to quickly refresh and detangle curls. It includes beneficial ingredients and smells great! If you are struggling with time in the morning then you should try this product out.

Bonsai Kids Curl Revival Spray - Photo by Mixed Family Life - Biracial Hair Care

7. Black History Flash Cards

We love these cards all year long, but especially important to highlight this month since it is Black History Month. It is so important to teach your children their history and culture. My kids are part AA so these are a fun way to get them to learn about Black History. Any way to make learning fun is good in my books!

Surprising way to learn Black History by Mixed Family Life - Obama Card

Miss Him


8. Curl Next Door Tee

This shirt is so stinking cute! Super simple but makes a fun statement for your kids. Plus representation matters and with straight hair so prevalent in mainstream media we have to work hard to teach our curly cuties to love their hair!

Wash Day Basics - Mixed Hair Care - Cute Curly Hair _ Curl Next Door


9. My Family –

This is every year of course but look at my cuties! We have decided this year to try to do more activities as a family together and go on adventures. I just freaking love my little family soooooo much. #MixedFamilyLife

Nicholette the Author and her Multiracial Family for Mixed Family Life by William Charls

Photo by William Charls

10. Our Community

Rounding out the list (literally – I like even numbers) is my facebook group community. Are you a part of it? Would you like to be? Send a request and answer the 3 simple questions. Did you know I also have a Facebook Page that I share interesting news and stories related to the multiracial community to daily? Check it out and follow it if you don’t already. Would LOVE it if you did. <3


Thanks for reading! What are you loving this year?

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  1. Beautiful family. I have bi-racial kids too – 4, but they’re all grown up.

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