This Holiday season I was able to give my daughter this amazing Nahji Doll because of Growing Up Gupta. We entered a contest she was hosting on her Instagram and we won!! It came in time for Christmas and I was so excited. My daughter was too!

Heart for Hearts Girls - Nahji Doll by Mixed Family Life _ PIN


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Over the last few months we’ve seen her, along with her Hearts for Hearts friends at Target and just thought they were so beautiful and unique. I loved how they represented different cultures and regions. My daughter loved the jewelry on Nahji specifically. We were going to get her one of the girls for Christmas or her birthday (it’s also in December) but with all the birthdays and holidays it just wasn’t in the budget this year. When I found out we won I was so happy and couldn’t believe it. Thank you so much again Nikita for having this giveaway.

What I didn’t realize when we saw them in the stores was that for every purchase of these dolls, a portion of the money goes back to help girls in their respective communities. That is simply amazing to me. Empowering girls by empowering girls. Love it. #RepresentationMatters so I love seeing diverse toys and enjoy even more getting them for my daughter.

Heart for Hearts Girls - Nahji Doll by Mixed Family Life _ Money Donated

Another thing that I apparently didn’t do when at the store was notice how detailed these dolls are. Nahji has earrings, a nose ring, necklace, bangles, and even henna (called mehndi), plus much more. This doll is simply beautiful. Much more incredible than the average dolls you can get at a store. Plus it helps open the conversation about different cultures. She also comes with a little book that tells a little bit about her story and where she comes from. <3


Speaking of cultures the Heart for Hearts Girls have also released an app to teach kids about various cultures around the world. How amazing is that! It is called Heart Street Market. It’s available in the Google Play Store (not sure about others as I have an Android.)

Heart for Hearts Girls - Nahji Doll by Mixed Family Life _ Heart Street Market App

Basically, you should get your kid one of these Heart to Heart Girls. Not only are they beautiful and detailed, they also have a story behind them. They donate money to girls in communities around the world and they open up the discussion about different cultures. All around these dolls are the perfect gift.


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