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Ibari’s Curls — Children’s Picture Book

Ibari's Curls by Nicholette Thomas _ Front Cover

Today is the day that I, Nicholette Thomas, am officially a published author (and illustrator)!! Ibari’s Curls is now available via Amazon and I could cry! It’s time to celebrate!

Ibari's Curls by Nicholette Thomas _ Celebration

Photo by William Charls

Ibari’s Curls – a Children’s picture book about a kid and her curly hair

Ibari’s Curls is about a little girl named Ibari Lyn who was born with a head full of curls. Her mommy had to learn how to take care of her hair and she is sharing some of that information with you. She also wants you to love your curly hair because it is part of what makes you special! This book is perfect for teaching your little one to love not only their hair (even if they don’t have curly hair) but to appreciate all their differences. Our unique qualities are what make us special and this big font, short story hopes to encourage self-love and acceptance.

This book teaches self-love, acceptance of differences, body autonomy, and curl-care. Perfect for any kid even if they don’t have curly hair!

Ibari's Curls by Nicholette Thomas _ Front Cover

Front Cover

Ibari's Curls by Nicholette Thomas _ Back Cover

Back Cover

Ibari’s Curls is also available via Amazon Kindle as an eBook if you prefer that version.  It will also hopefully be available in bookstores and libraries near you via IngramSpark.

This has been a dream of mine since I was a kid and now that I have a kid and seeing my daughter light up when she saw my book in print for the first time… again… I am making my self cry! I wrote this book (the first in a series featuring the character Ibari Lyn and her family) to feature multiracial families and various situations and issues they deal with.  I believe even if you aren’t part of a multiracial family these books are great to show more diversity and acceptance of others who may be different than us.

Ibari's Curls by Nicholette Thomas _ Daughter Reading

To celebrate this dream coming true I am also giving away one copy of Ibari’s Curls. To enter follow this link to Amazon to find out the details. Contest ends on 12/8/17.

If you purchase the book (THANK YOU IN ADVANCE) I would appreciate it sooo much if you left a review on Amazon after. It helps others find it and see it (part of Amazon’s algorithm).


Thanks again for reading and joining me on this journey.
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  1. enannylink1

    Congratulations this is amazing for you, your family and the World 🌎…Excited for whats to come with your future books and characters 😊

  2. So excited for Ibari and this beautiful children’s literature journey you have begun! Look forward to many more books! Thanks for linking up with #diversekidlit! Be sure to come back each month so we can share your wonderful posts!!

  3. Looks great! I’m looking forward to get this book and read as a bed time story with my 5 years old kid. Thanks, I really enjoy your review.

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