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Winter Time Essentials – Curly / Biracial Hair Care

Winter Time Essentials - Curly Biracial Hair Care Edition - by Mixed Family Life

Unfortunately Winter Time is upon us in a lot of the country (US). That means cold and dry air. What does this have to do with Curly / Biracial Hair? A lot! Curly hair needs moisture and protection even more in the colder months. Keep reading to find out my Winter Time Essentials to help keep Curly / Multiracial/ Biracial Hair healthy and lovely.

Winter Time Essentials - Curly Biracial Hair Edition by Mixed Family Life _ PIN ME

Winter Time Essentials – Curly / Biracial / Multiracial Hair Care

  • My first tip is to add deep conditioning to your routine more often. During the Summer time we do it maybe once per month or so. During the Winter I recommend at least weekly. Holiday Gift Guide - Multiracial Kids / Biracial Hair Care by Mixed Family Life for Multiracial Media _ Thermal Hair Care Little Hot Head
  • If you wash hair before going out I recommend switching to the night before or on Sunday during the day so the hair has time to dry before going out in the cold for school (or work) during the week. Adults can diffuse their hair to dry, but I don’t recommend using heat too often on kid’s hair.
  • In relation to that tip, putting hair into more protective styles during the winter is key. The protective styles will help keep the hair healthy and retain more moisture. Some ideas you can try are here, here, and here.
  • Get a satin lined winter hat. These are great to help combat hat head frizz but also keep your kids head warm.

  • Another great option that we tend to lean towards is getting a ear muff type hat that has the back open for the hair to come out. Winter Time Essentials for Curly / Multiracial / Biracial Hair Care by Mixed Family Life _ Ear Warmer
  • A silky / satin scarf is another option for underneath winter hats. Wrap hair up with one of these scarves before putting the warm winter hat on and viola! Hair protected.
  • Find a hair oil that works for your kids curls.  Lots of people use coconut oil but this can be really drying for quite a bunch of people. This is one of those trial and error things unfortunately. We personally have been using Righteous Roots Pre-Poo Hair Oil.  Not only does it work wonders… but it smells amazing too.

Well I hope these tips help you out this winter in caring for your kids curly hair. Which one are you going to try out?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. MA

    I just found your blog today, and I am so happy I did! Thanks for this great resource! As for the satin lined winter hats that you’ve linked, how warm are they? I find that a lot of satin lined hats don’t look very warm. We live in Canada, and can get some really cold days (minus 30 degrees celcius, not including the windchill), and none of the hats I’ve seen look tike they could cut it. I also have a question regarding satin sleeping cap. I just recently bought one for my 3 year old daughter, but it doesn’t stay on very well. Any tips one how to get it to stay on? I was thinking of securing it with barettes, but am worried it may hurt her as she moves around during her sleep. Thanks!

    • Hi!! Glad you found my blog too. <3 So for the sleeping cap, it may be too big? Is it adult sized or kid sized? This company ( sells kids ones that are super cute with characters on them. We don’t have these ones because my daughter has a slightly bigger head so she is able to use the ones right in the beauty aisle. Lol. But I see these and wish we would’ve gotten them when she was younger because maybe she would’ve gotten on board faster! Another option, is a wrap/tie head scarf ( I linked that one because it doesn’t have long strings since your kid is young. This one appears to be a safer option. You can also get a satin pillow case in case it continues to come off (but that will also help it slide along the pillowcase instead of a normal cotton case that has more traction and likely to pull off the cap). We don’t usually use clips or anything only because I could only imagine myself having the lay on them! Lol.

      As for the winter time. Because my daughter has such long hair… it won’t fit under a winter hat! Lol. So we usually use the ones that look like circles that cover ears (I’m blanking on what they are called). If something like this satin lined winter hat ( doesn’t seem warm enough, what you can also do is get another one of those sleep caps I linked above (or use the more simple one from the beauty section at most stores) and put that underneath a really warm hat you have already. Either way work! We are in Buffalo, NY so I know the chill! Not as bad as Canada but… oh that snow!! 🙂 Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions. A great way to reach me is in our fb group – Would love if you joined us <3

  2. Thanks that really helped because I’m in middle school right now and my curls are just a smudge bit smaller than hers so that really helped cause I didn’t know how to handle it all that well and what you replied to the other lady about with the pillow case actually worked because I wear like a scarf or cap because I do my hair the night before I go to school and the cap always comes off during the night so I have to end up redoing my hair but thanks your tips and hairstyles are good thanks!!

    • Awww I’m so glad!!! 😊 I love hearing little stories like yours. I’m happy you found my site. Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to help ❤

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