As some of you may know already I have been working on a children’s book series to better represent multiracial families. Work is already completed on the first book (with a few minor tweaks to make) in the series of multiracial family books but before I self-publish I have to purchase ISBNs. They are the required codes that go along with the barcodes on the back of books. They also aren’t cheap.

Goldy Girl and her Curls_by Mixed Family Life

That’s why I started a Kickstarter Campaign to try to raise funds to purchase a 10 pack of the ISBNs and to offer rewards for donating. If you go to my Goldy Girl and her Curls Kickstarter page you will see that if you donate $25 or more you will get a copy of the book once it comes out.

Can’t afford $25? That’s ok. Every $5 adds up! We are over 50% to our goal already and the campaign goes until the end of the month.  So all I need is 43 people to donate $5 and we will reach the total! Help me help get more diverse books into the world for our children. Not only are these books good for multiracial families, but all kids.

Goldy Girl and her Curls by Nicholette Thomas

The first book is ‘Goldy Girl and her Curls’ which focuses on teaching kids and their parents how to take care of their curls. Curls cross races so this is a great introduction to the series. Plus its good for children of all races to see diverse characters in books. It helps teach them that being different than them is normal and good!

Hope you check out my books when they come out and I would appreciate it that if you couldn’t afford to donate that you share my Kickstarter.

Thanks for reading!

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