Need to brush up on your knowledge about Black History?  Or maybe you don’t know anything. If you have little black or brown kids this is a must! But how can you teach yourself as well as make it fun for your kids?

Surprising way to learn Black History by Mixed Family Life - PINME

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Surprising way to learn Black History

Today we got in the mail our Black History Flash Cards by Urban and we are so excited! Kids like games and my hope is that learning in this format will be helpful to keep my children’s attention.  The cards are well made and include people/events that I forgot about from the 1 MONTH A YEAR of Black History education I had. I would even say I used to be well versed on my information (Someone might be Type A and need to win the prize of getting the daily Black History Fact questions right!… lol)

Surprising way to learn Black History by Mixed Family Life - Mixed Daughter holding cards

After school I showed my daughter and explained to her why I bought them. She was worn out from school (its only her 3rd day in Kindergarten) so she wasn’t that interested today but I will re-approach on the weekend. I showed her the card of Barack Obama and asked her if she knew who he was. “OBAMA” she proclaimed.  Excitement and happiness filled my heart… but then she didn’t know who any of the other people were. My work must get started. Showed her a few other cards like Madam C. J. Walker and shared a fact from the back of the card with her;  Me: “She was the first self-made millionaire who was a Black Female.” Daughter: “Cool… who was the first white millionaire?” Me: “No clue. Pretty sure there were a bunch.”

Surprising way to learn Black History by Mixed Family Life - Spread of Flash Cards

So today starts the journey into learning more myself so I can teach my kids. Black History (as well as our other cultures/history) will not be relegated to only a month. Schools may continue to limit the education but I will not. Learning begins at home and I will be my daughters greatest teacher.

If you want to get your own then check out their website here.   They also have Black Focused Apparel for sale that you can purchase.

Surprising way to learn Black History by Mixed Family Life - Obama Card

Miss Him

Remember it is important for us as parents of [African American] multiracial / biracial / mixed kids or black/brown kids from a trans-racial adoption (or some other situation) to teach our children about their black heritage. These cards make it easy and fun. No excuses!!

Have you seen these cards? Do you have them? What about some other tricks and tips to teach children about their culture? Let me know down below in the comments.

Get Your Black History Flash Cards

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