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Back to School Hairstyle Ideas for Curly Hair Cuties

Back to School Hairstyle Ideas for Curly Mixed Kids by The Mixed Mama Blog

Back to school time is upon us. For some of us it has already started and for some like my daughter it will be that time in a couple weeks. I know the struggle of having a lot of curly hair to take care of and in our house we strive to do hairstyles that will last the whole week. Hair is done at night time and/or on the weekend for us, because usually my husband is the one to get her up and dressed in the morning and he cannot do her hair. So we do it usually Sundays aka #washday and then refresh it during the week if needed.


Back to School Hairstyle Ideas for Curly Mixed Kids by The Mixed Mama Blog_Pin Me

Coming up with ideas can be really hard so what do I usually do? We turn to Pinterest! It really is a lifesaver for me in so many ways. Whenever I am on there and I find a style I like I save it to my Natural Multiracial Hairstyles board so I can return there for inspiration.   I decided to share some of my favorite styles in this post round-up to save other moms time… because I know how precious that is!



Well those are just a few of the SIMPLE HAIRSTYLES FOR MIXED KIDS for Back to School time that I like on Pinterest. Check out my board if you want to see some more ideas as I am always adding more. Follow me on Pinterest to see what new ideas I find and try out. I also have boards for hair tips, product recommendations, raising multiracial & multicultural children, plus so much more.


Thanks for reading!


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  1. aw she look so beautiful, these ideas are very good and stylish. thank you for providing this tips.

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