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White People… What Can We Do?

White People What Can We do by The Mixed Mama Blog

White Supremacy is an issue in America in 2017. Yes. I said 2017. We have all heard about Charlottesville, VA. We all know about that white neo-Nazi, horrific excuse for a human that ran down a crowd of anti-racist and anti-fascist protesters and killed Heather Heyer. He is your uncle, cousin, neighbor. We must do something about this. WE AS WHITE PEOPLE HAVE TO FIGHT WHITE SUPREMACY. This is OUR issue and our problem to resolve. But… How?

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I wrote an article a couple days ago about how I am a white mom scared of white supremacy. I was honestly in a bit of a state of shock after watching the video of that vile demon running down those innocent people. Am I still scared? Yes. But I’ve done a lot of reading and thinking. What can I do? What should I do?

White Woman Scared of other White People

First off we as white people must do something. We have to. White people cannot sit back and pretend it isn’t real. We can’t ignore it because well.. “I’m not racist”. Yeah well… most likely your uncle, cousin, neighborhood, childhood friend, coworker, or somebody else has said some shady shit to you. They are all around us. They may not be the folks willing to march and heil Hitler as a neo-Nazi walking down the street, but they are potentially the cop that automatically thinks that little black or brown boy is inherently trouble because of the color of his skin. That little black or brown boy might be your kids best friend. That little black/brown boy might be MY SON.

White Mom and multiracial Son _ white people what can we do_ by The Mixed Mama Blog
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Even if you have NO connection to any PoC… just do something because it is the right thing to do. It is the moral, human thing to do. Those PoC are somebodies loved one. Remember that. Remind your coworker or uncle who says that racist joke that it IS NOT FUNNY. Stand up to your friends and family. Even if it makes the holidays uncomfortable. Uncomfortable is good. There is no room in this world for that racist evil.

We as white people have to fight white supremacy!

Remember events like this past week start from little things. So you may say to yourself… oh its just a joke. Oh its just crazy drunk Uncle Bob, he wouldn’t hurt nobody. That’s just John and he just loves America and his guns. NOOOOOOOOOOO. That evil guy this weekend didn’t all of a sudden snap and decided to run people over. He has been an evil white supremacist. He told his mother he was going to an Alt-Right (aka WHITE SUPREMACY for those in the back) rally. Ummm… I’m not blaming mom but she could’ve said.. wait.. what?! No. Why? Stand up to your family and friends! Tell them its WRONG to think of people that way. There was even a family that disowned their own son after they found out he was at that “Unite the Right” rally bullshit. THAT IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO SOMETIMES! I applaud them for taking that hard step.

White People what can we do by The Mixed Mama Blog


We also have to educate our children. Maybe you live in an area that is mostly, or only, white. Well then it is our jobs our jobs as white parents to expose our children to diversity in anyway we can. Whether that is through diverse books, toys, or travelling outside of your comfort zone. Show your kids that people come in all kinds of colors, religions, dress, etc. Be mindful of the words you use around your children. This extends outside of just race so be aware of this. My daughter once asked me why some boy had on nails. I simply explained anybody can like nails. SIMPLE. Some boys like makeup, some people are black, some women wear face coverings because of their religious beliefs. Just explain things matter of fact so it becomes normal for them.

Explain things to our children like they have intelligence. Don’t avoid tricky topics because we don’t know. Better yet… educate yourself so you can answer those questions.  We are shaping our children for the future. They can become decent human beings or they can become evil white supremacy demons.

Rant over… the long story short is that we as white people can do the following:

  • Challenge family, friends, coworkers, etc when they say sketchy, racist comments.
  • Educate yourself on diverse populations so they aren’t the “other” or the “them”.
  • Bring diversity into your home and around your children.
  • Talk with your children about these topics.
  • Reach out to your local government.
  • Participate in peace rally’s.
  • Share information that is counter-racism/fascism/neo-Nazi.
  • Live authentically as somebody who loves and appreciates all people.
  • Don’t make excuses for horrible people or their actions.
  • Own up to the role we play in this.
  • Don’t vote for racist politicians.

At the end of the day remember that we are fighting against evil. White Supremacy is evil. They don’t want to “preserve European culture”. Nobody is trying to take away European culture. They think white people are better than PoC and that is not the case. We are all beautiful, amazing creatures of this Earth and nobody is better than anybody. Everybody can keep their own cultures without impeding on others or thinking we are superior. We aren’t. In the words that so many “alt-right” people like to spout: Get over it. You lost… decades ago. Many people fought and died against Nazi’s and I shouldn’t have to be afraid of my daughter seeing it on TV in 2017.

Does anybody have any other positive ideas of ways we can get involved to help? I would love to hear your ideas down in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!


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