What is the world coming to? Has everybody seen this video? This particular one is from Huffpost Facebook page and it shares that 1 person is dead and many injured after this horrible, horrible person drove their car into a crowd of people protesting against the White Supremacist’s in Charlottesville. I feel sick. Incredibly sick.

I am a white woman married to a black man and we have 2 biracial children. Things like this scare me so much! I want to be one of those people out in the streets fighting for my husband and my children’s rights but when I see things like this it scares me. To put in the hard work and not be just behind my computer screen but I don’t want to take the chance of some crazy white supremacist killing me or one of my loved ones.

I am a white woman who is scared of other white people.

How do I fight the fight when I’m so scared of crazy people like this driver? I am a white woman who is scared of other white people. I can only imagine how PoC feel right now. I am ashamed of my cowardice but I just can’t bring myself to risk my life when I have 2 little ones at home to worry about and take care of. What do parents of other young ones do in times like these? What are some non-violent ways to protest that will actually have an impact?

Let me know your ideas down below?

Thanks for reading and I am thinking about all the victims of this heinous attack. I hope for no more violence and speedy recoveries for those hurt. My thoughts go out to the family of Heather Heyer whose life was lost today.


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