Are you bored of being in the house and sweating all day? I am over it already too! We have to find things to entertain our rambunctious kids otherwise I would go crazy. Luckily we have a town pool in walking distance to us (or a 2 minute drive). Our membership for 2 years is only $10 and boy…. do we use that!!

Pool fun in the Summer _ FamilyFridays - by The Mixed Mama Blog

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This summer so far has either been rain for an entire week straight or HOT AS HECK!! We have a small (ish) blow up pool for our backyard to use on those days that I just need to get the kids out of the house and burn up some energy, but I just want to chill out and relax. That honestly was one of the best $30 investments I’ve made.  Its small enough that my toddler feels safe in it, but big enough that my daughter has a blast. Even us adults can fit in if we want to cool down a bit (and believe me… I have gotten in!) We use our handy little electric air pump and pump the pool up in like 5 minutes and get to filling the pool in the late morning so it has some time to warm up by mid-day.

Pool in the Summer _ FamilyFridays

Peep the Man Bun… lol

We seriously spend SO MUCH TIME in the summer in our backyard playing in this pool.

As a side note: Make sure to wear sunblock!!

My favorite kind are the spray ones. So easy just to have the kids stick their arms out to the side and spray their fronts and backs in less than a minute! Skin cancer is no joke and even biracial / mixed / multiracial kids need sunscreen (even African American / Black people too) ! I personally like to use  SPF 50 or higher. I am more predisposed to get skin cancer so I have to be extra careful. Since these are my babies I figure they are too then.

Coppertone SPF 50 Spray Sunscreen for BabiesAnother place we spend a lot of time at in the summer is out town pool. They have 3 pool areas: baby/toddler area, playground area, and the bigger pool with a deep end. We spend our time in the wading toddler pool and the playground area. Last year my kids would just stay at the edge of the playground area but this year my daughter has become more adventurous and actually goes down the slides and plays on the different obstacles. SO MUCH FUN! Another bonus that I like about our town pool (and a big part of why we picked the neighborhood we did to live in) is that we usually see a good mixture of interracial parents / multiracial families.

My son has still stuck with the edge of the pool. Apparently the first time my husband and kids came when I was at work one day he slipped and went under the water for a second and is freaked out still. We’ve been working on helping him build courage again. He is slowly getting more comfortable.

Afterwards (or during the lifeguard breaks) we sit on the grass on our towels and relax. Or at least we try to… the kids usually like running around the little hill right there. But sometimes they are so tired out from all the swimming they sit still… for a minute.  If we are remember to be semi-decent parents we pack a little lunch picnic and find a spot outside of the pool area (no food allowed in the pool vicinity) and eat.


Picnic after the Pool aka Kids being Nosey

Well that is our Pool in the Summer fun so far this year. How has the weather been by you? Do you have a pool in your yard or nearby that you frequent? I would love to hear about your summer down in the comment section below. Also… I am always on the lookout for free/cheap ideas of fun summer activities. Please leave those down below too.

Cool Pool Daughter _ Family Fridays

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