Here we are again… #tutorialtuesday . We originally had plans to do an all over braided and beaded style but my daughter was tired and just wanted something simple and 2 buns. We ended up just doing pigtails instead but included how the buns look. We will most likely end up putting them up into buns later in the week anyways. Keep reading to find out how we achieved this look.

Face Framing Braids and Pigtails Tutorial _ by The Mixed Mama Blog

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SUPER EASY Face Framing Braids & Pigtails Tutorial

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  1. First I parted down the center of her hair. Then I took the comb and parted about an inch wide section along her hair line the front all the way to the ear. Face Framing Braids and Pigtails Tutorial _ Front Part
  2. I then added some edge control and smoothed it out with a boar bristle brush. Something new I used to help me get straighter lines was a metal rat tail comb.
  3. Then I cornrowed that section. If you want a link to a video on how to do that I have one linked in this tutorial. You can French braid it if you want. Face Framing Braids and Pigtails Tutorial _ Cornrow
  4. Repeat this on the other side. Then we added beads to the ends of each. We got new ones and my girl has been dying to wear them.  We used a threader & beads. We did this on both face framing braids and then ended the braids. If you want to see how I ended them you can check out how at my Braids and Bead Mohawk Tutorial.
  5. I then took the 2 big sections left in the back and smoothed them out with edge control as well. I secured them with ouchless hair ties.
  6. Took that and then sectioned it into 3 so I can do 3 braids in each pigtail. I grabbed the section I was braiding and smoothed it out before braiding so it would be smooth. I secured them with black rubberbands. Repeat on the other side.
  7. That’s it! Super simple, didn’t take a long time, and turned out really cute! Face Framing Braids and Pigtaials Tutorial _ End ResultWe also wrapped the braids up into a bun to see what they would look like but she decided she wanted them free. Face Framing Braids and Pigtails Tutorial _ BunsTo help them stay smooth overnight we put some hair mousse on the braids and had her sleep in a wave cap underneath her satin sleep cap.  I wouldn’t use the mousse I used though because it was for volume but it was all I had. I would get one for fighting frizz like this extra hold mousse by Tresemme.

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