Being Multilingual is the future. You can argue with me if you want but… I won’t agree. <3 We have a 5.5 year old and a 2.5 year old at home and I want them to learn as much about the world as possible and that includes other languages. Now, unfortunately, I am only a native speaker of English, but I did take 10 years of Spanish in school. My mother-in-law is from Belize and she is a speaker of the Garifuna language. It is important to me that they learn some of her language and culture as well.

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So if you are like me and want to try to teach your children some basics of language (whether your native or another) then I recommend you check out the Montessori Inspiration at Home: Language (Toddler Series) by 4 amazing mothers and bloggers. I have had the honor of getting a Free copy of their ebook and the accompanying Printable’s in exchange for a review. (Technically I didn’t have to review it in a post.. but I really liked it and wanted to.) If you want to learn more about this amazing resource then please continue reading below.

Want to teach your kid another language - Montessori Inspiration at Home - Language - Toddler Series

 First lets get the logistical stuff out of the way:

This is a new ebook that launches Today July 19th and is on sale until Wednesday July 26th. It is the 2nd book in their Montessori Toddler Series, the first was “Practical Life.” The price during their launch for the ‘Language’ book is $11.50 and they are also re-launching their first book ‘Practical life’ at the price of $8.50. So they will be available separately and also as a bundle for the special price of only $20If you are thinking about living a Montessori life at home with your kids I highly recommend taking advantage of this deal (normal price for the ‘Language’ ebook alone is normally $24.50)! You can purchase the book here.

Montessori Inspiration at home - toddler series- BOOK BUNDLE

What you get with the purchase is a Montessori inspired eBook with over 200 pages that are easy to follow and is a helpful resource for developing language skills for toddlers. There are also 150+ pages of Printables and other Resources. These Printables also include Spanish Printables (which is what I was most excited about).

According to the authors: “There are a total of 12 chapters that include how to start, the role of the caregiver, story telling, labeling the environment, prereading activities, pre-writing skills, crossing the midline, sound games, mystery bag, songs & nursery rhymes, 3 period lesson, and teaching a second language.

The printables include ABC cards with pictures and correct phonetic sounds, 3 part cards for matching work, sequencing cards, go-together cards, I spy games, opposites, nursery rhymes, labeling the environment cards, life-cycle matching cards (match Safari TOOBs), fruits & vegetables, category cards, checklists and resource guides! “

Now for my thoughts on the Montessori Inspiration at Home – Language (Toddler Series):

Some of the things I noticed while reading through the 200+ pages are that I never realized how much what I already do fits into the Montessori way of learning/teaching. I love how hands on it is. I did learn that there is more I could be doing to teach hand strength now so that my kids will be better equipped for writing. Crossing the Midline is another thing I should try to focus on more and this eBook give a great list of exercises to try at home to work on this.

Now for my favorite part of the whole collection: The Spanish Printables! These are such a great resource to have at home to practice learning simple words in Spanish. They come so that you can cut them up and practice like flash cards. They recommend laminating them and I think I might have to purchase a laminator so we can use these to practice. Especially since Amazon sells one for less than $20 and I have Amazon Prime with FREE 2 day shipping. (Want your own Free 2-day shipping? Use my link to Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial)

Montessori Inspiration at Home - Language Printable Bundle

The eBook gives such simple, but clear instructions on how to teach language to toddlers using the Montessori method that I have confidence that I can use the Spanish Printables with no problem. I also want to use them to model my own printable using the Garifuna Language to teach my kids. I am incredibly excited about this. Now if only I could afford to travel to Belize to have my mother-in-law help me translate all the words!!

Another added bonus at the end of the eBook? Links to all the authors social media accounts. So I was able to find and follow their Facebook pages to get updates on other amazing things they are working on. They also have a closed Facebook group for those interested in Montessori Inspiration at Home and that want a group they can go to and ask questions and connect with fellow parents. Please be advised though that you have to answer a few questions to be accepted. <3

So those are my thoughts on this Montessori Inspiration at Home: Language eBook (Toddler Series). Have you incorporated any Montessori methods into your home? I would love to know below what you have and your thoughts on it. Have you tried to teach your kids language using it? Was it successful? Leave me a comment down below letting me know.

Thanks for reading!


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