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Cornrows & Box Braids & Metal Cuffs… OH MY!

Cornrows and Box Braids and Metal Cuffs_ProtectiveStyle_TutorialTuesday_BlogTitle

Pinterest tends to steal a TON of my time… but it is also incredibly helpful when it comes to finding ideas for my kids hair. I have an entire board dedicated to different hairstyles I want to try on my biracial girl. If you aren’t already then I suggest giving my Pinterest Page a look because I have everything from hair care product recommendations to hair care tips from all over the internet on there… plus so much more.

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One particular day I was having my daughter look at my Natural Multiracial Hairstyles Board to see if there were any styles she wanted to try. We were scrolling and came across a style that had metal cuffs. She thought they were really pretty. So what did I do? Go to my Amazon and order them! Because I have Amazon Prime they came in 2 days and it was lovely! If you want you can get a free 30 day Prime Membership and you can also enjoy FREE 2-day shipping: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

Cornrows and Box Braids and Metal Cuffs_ProtectiveStyle_TutorialTuesday_Pinterest

Cornrows & Box Braids & Metal Cuffs… OH MY!

So we got these gorgeous metal cuffs and I waited until it was time to wash and do her hair again. I was originally going to do her whole head full of box braids but we were trying to get going to my moms house and decided that was going to take too much time. So what we ended up doing was the bottom of half of her hair in box braids and the top half in cornrows. I think it came it came out pretty cute and she loves them! Keep reading below to see how we got this look.

Braids & Beads Tutorial - A Protective Style by The Mixed Mama Blog

  1. I divided up her hair into 2 sections and separated the top from the bottom part where I was going to do the box braids. This was the next day after washing her hair so I had to refresh it with a spray bottle and some conditioner. Next day hair pre refresh for metal cuffs protective style
  2. Then I started on the bottom. I sectioned out little “boxes” and started braiding her hair up. Her hair is really long so this part took the most time (and hurt my back the most). Box braid sections for metal cuff protective style tutorial
  3. I repeated this step throughout the whole bottom half of her hair. In total we ended up with 14 braids. Many people would actually make the boxes smaller but I knew there was no way she would sit there that long if I had to do more braids.
  4. I then moved on to the top/front section of her hair. This part we did cornrows. I sectioned off a small portion of her hair and kept the rest out of the my way with a tie. The sections were about an inch and a half wide. Again some people do them smaller. We didn’t have the time, nor the patience, for that.
  5. I cornrowed that sectioned and then repeated until I got to the other side of her head. I finished all the braids off with black rubber bands. We ended up with 7 cornrows in total. If you need a tutorial on how to cornrow check out this beginners video on YouTube.
  6. When we finished this we had lots of braids and its looked cute all on its own. I then coated it with some hair oil to help seal in some more moisture. We used the Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil because that’s what we had on hand but you can use what works for you.
  7. We then coated the hair with mousse to help tame the flyway’s. Before bed we put some more on and then put a wave cap on her hair to hold the braids together. On top of that she slept with her satin cap.  Some may be thinking I’m crazy for the wave cap but it stays on her head and it stretches to hold all the braids in tight so they don’t get frizzy.
  8. Before we went to my moms though we added the metal cuffs in. We went with silver this time but the pack I bought came with silver and gold ones. They come already in a circular form, but you just open then up, and then stick them on the braids. We did some on the cornrows and a few on the hanging box braids. Just clamp them onto the braids in random places and you’re done!

It turned out super cute and it was actually really easy. My daughter loved how the braids showed off more of her hair length and she just had so much fun swinging them around. (SHRINKAGE IS REAL) I also wanted to give them a try out as an homage to my mother-in-law who rocked dreadlocks for YEARS and my sister-in-law who rocks them currently. These metal cuffs are actually dreadlock cuffs and locs have history to them that I would suggest looking into if you want to learn some more about them.

Let me know down below if you have ever tried using Metal Cuffs in a style to add some extra pizazz to a hair-do. I would love it even more if you tagged me if you have any pics @themixedmama (on Facebook, PinterestInstagram, and Twitter).

Also… let me know down below if you got the reference in my title?! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Tina

    Love that head-on picture of Lil ❤️ you can tell how much she is loving her new style!

    • Thank you! She usually will fuss while I’m doing it but then is in love with it after and prances around all sassy. Lol. Shes a goob.

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