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Mini Golf at Adventure Landing – Family Fridays

Adventure Landing_FamilyFridays

Next up in our Family Fridays series – Summer 2017 edition is our family night out playing putt-putt aka mini golf.

Adventure Landing_FamilyFridays

We went to Adventure Landing in Buffalo, NY (technically in Tonawanda, NY). We had fun playing 2 rounds of golf because they had a special going on that we got another game for only $1 more.

Not sure the kids really got it but we had such a good time playing. My daughter was doing really well actually for being only 5 years old. My son just kept putting the ball near the hole and hitting it in.

The kids were so patient and took turns. My husband and I were actually able to play while the kids had fun.

Mini Golf at Adventure Landing _ Family Fridays

Of course I had to have a mini photo session while we waited our turn for a hole. My son wasn’t having any of it but then my husband started telling us to make faces like my daughter, make faces like mommy, make faces like my son… and well this what we got.





Oh my kids. They keep me going and laughing. Love them “to the moon and back” as my daughter says. We then went inside to play some arcade games and use the token deal we bought.

After all our fun that we had we got the golf guy to take a family phone. Which we RARELY actually get a pic of all 4 of us together. Turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Adventure Landing _ Family Fridays

So that was our fun family day at Adventure Landing.  We had so much fun we will definitely be going back. What is one of your favorite things to do with your family in the summer?

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