Bored of all the hairstyles you’ve been doing on your child? Have no time but want it to look like you took a lot of effort? Then you NEED to try this Braids & Beads Mohawk Protective Style.

Braids and Beads Mohawk_Tutorial Tuesday - A Protective Style by The Mixed Mama Blog

For this week my daughter wanted to use beads again but this time blue and green ones. I originally planned on doing a full on style with tons of braids and beads… but life happened and mama got tired!! So instead we ended up doing this simple braided Mohawk that looks like it took a lot of effort but it really is only a few steps.

I will try to break it down for you as much as possible. Please let me know down below if I forgot something or you would like me to go into more detail on a certain step.

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Braids & Beads Mohawk (Protective Style)

Step 1: Divide hair up into as many sections as you’d like and put ponies into them in the middle of their head. We ended up doing 5. We used a boar brush to smooth down the hair after putting blue magic in it.

Step 2: Divide each individual hair section into 2 sections. One much bigger than the other. I would say about 2/3 of the hair and the other 1/3 of the hair. Then braid each of those. So each section would have 2 braids and if you did 5 sections like us you would went up with 10 braids total. Secure the big braid with a rubberband.

Step 3: You could end it here and just throw a rubber band on the smaller braid too. My girl wanted beads so we went further. Thread your desired amount of beads on your beading tool. Pull the end of the smaller braid through the loop.

Braids and Bead Mohawk _ Tutorial Tuesday  Step 4: Keep the thin part of the braid tail in the loop by holding the end. Then push the beads up and over the hair slowly and gently (the beading tools seem to be kind of delicate) pull the hair through all the beads.


Step 5: Take the bead closest to the end of the tail of the hair and wrap some hair up and over it. Take a rubberband and wrap it around the hair so it locks the bead in. Keep wrapping the rubberband around until tight. Try to make it so the rubberband is spread out and thin so the rest of the beads fit over it.

Braids and Beads Mohawk _Tutorial Tuesday

Step 6: Twist the bottom up to catch all the little ends up nice and smooth. Slide the other beads back down to cover up the rubberband and little hair. This part may take a little practice. Repeat for the rest of the little braids you have. For me it was only 5.

Braids and Beads Mohawk _Tutorial Tuesday

Braids and Beads Mohawk _Tutorial Tuesday

That’s it!! All done. Enjoy the Braids and Beads Mohawk. My daughter loved it. Looks like it took a lot of effort but really it was 6 easy steps. I love easy and this is that plus cute. I did another cute style with Braids & Beads that you can check out as well.

Braids and Beads Mohawk _Tutorial Tuesday

The bonus to this hair style Braids & Beads – Tutorial is that it lasted for almost a week and when you need to do a new hair do and it is a bit frizzy, but you are tired and rushing to get somewhere? Take the beads out and then wrap them up into buns. Throw a rubberband on them and voila! I mean that is all moms right? Never enough time nor energy to do anything.

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Also… Please let me know down below if I forgot something or you would like me to go into more detail on a certain step.

Thanks for reading!


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