Summer 2017 is off to a start here in WNY and we are trying to take advantage of every nice day we have. I thought I would share some of that fun with The Mixed Mama Community in a series I am calling Family Fridays.

So far this summer since my daughter has been out of school we have had a lot of rain. One of the first places we have been able to go to is Canalside downtown in Buffalo, NY and play in the sand. The kids loved it and we saw a bunch of interracial / multiracial families down there.  I love seeing that in our city.

We then walked the boardwalk and my son was weirded out by it and how the boards moved under his feet. He was really cute.

The kids stopped and looked at the water and all the boats that were docked out there.

Then my cuties sat on the big Canalside chair that everybody has to sit in! They were so tiny and cute. (Peep the rubber duckie on my sons head that he insisted on bringing!)

Well that was our Canalside trip. We had tons of fun and it is such a nice place to go to play when the kids are driving you crazy and you need something to entertain them. There is usually a ton of people down there on sunny days and there is even a little shop where you can get ice cream and drinks (even alcoholic ones for the adults).  They have boat rides you can do and various water sports as well.  I recommend checking out their website to see all the fun activities that Buffalo has planned for Canalside. Concerts, fitness classes, festivals, plus more and they are (mostly) all family friendly.

Canalside in the Summer _FamilyFridays

Let me know about a fun place in your town down below in the comments.  I love learning about the go-to places in various cities.

Thanks for reading!


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