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Braids & Beads – Tutorial

Braids and Beads Tutorial - A Protective Style by The Mixed Mama Blog

Last week was my daughters last day of school. Yes I cried… and cried… and cried.  She graduated from Pre-K on Monday and then had school until Wednesday (don’t completely know why). For her graduation she wore her hair down in wild and beautiful curls.

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Braids and Beads - Tutorial by The Mixed Mama Blog

For her last day of school she wanted to try something new and different. She wanted to try beads out for the first time. I have never used them but we have had the materials (a bead threader and the beads) for a while. Not sure why I haven’t tried yet because it turned out to be pretty easy! I would recommend trying a bead threader like this instead though.

So the night before we decided to try this out because we had to wash her hair anyways because she decided she wanted to go swimming after graduation to celebrate and our town pool opened that day so her hair was needing a wash. If you would like to know what we use and the steps we take you can check out my Mixed Kids Hair Care Cheat Sheet post.

After washing it I decided on a simple idea that would get the braids and beads my daughter wanted but wouldn’t take HOURS. I decided to just braid the front and give her sort of side bang type braids.

Braids & Beads Tutorial - A Protective Style by The Mixed Mama Blog

To start I segmented on the portion of hair on the top where I wanted to braid. I started the braid segment at the part where I would normally part her hair above her left eye. I went back until I was able to part down to meet right above her ear.

Braids & Beads Tutorial - A Protective Style by The Mixed Mama Blog

Sorry for the blur

I put the rest of her hair into a pony to keep it out of the way. Then about 3/4ths an inch in from the part that was above her eye I started to section out my first braid. I parted towards her face and then turned the part to be parallel to her hair line going towards her ear. Keeping the section about the same width the entire time. Then I put a pony in the big section I wasn’t using to keep it separate.

Then I started the braid / cornrow / French braid from the corner, towards the face, then parallel to the face towards her ear. If you would like to know how to do this braiding style I linked a good tutorial in this post. I also share what products I use to keep the braids smooth in this post of another braid tutorial I did.

Braids & Beads Tutorial - A Protective Style by The Mixed Mama BlogI did this a few more times until I ran out of hair. On the last braid I didn’t do an angled braid, rather I just braided straight down towards her ear.

Braids & Beads Tutorial - A Protective Style by The Mixed Mama Blog

Then we too the bead threader and put about 8 beads on it (she chose pink and purple). Because her hair gets thinner towards the ends it was easy for us but I recommend you take it easy at go slow at first. You may even need beads with bigger openings.

Once you put the beads on the threader, you put the hair end through the opening/hole. Keep it situated near the thinner part. Hold the end of the hair and push a few beads up at a time and pull the hair through. Once all the beads are on the hair I secured them by taking the last bead, wrapping the end of her hair up and over it, and wrapped a black rubber band around it. I then slid the other beads down over to cover it and you can’t even see it!

Once I did all 4 braids in the front “bang” area, I brushed back the rest of her hair and put it into a big pony. I then sectioned that up into 4 braids to add a little extra something but you can just put it in one big braid. I also ended up adding a few beads to each braid… again… to be “extra.” Lol. This is completely unnecessary.

Braids & Beads Tutorial - A Protective Style by The Mixed Mama Blog

That was it. It turned out super cute and she LOVED it. I felt proud of myself for trying something new and not doing TOO bad of a job. Could I have done better? Of course. But that is what practicing is for. You can try and get better too.

Braids & Beads Tutorial - A Protective Style by The Mixed Mama Blog

She was feeling herself if you couldn’t tell… Lol.

Next I want to try these Dreadlock Bead Cuffs out. Already placed my order through Amazon Prime and should be getting them asap. Can’t wait.

Braids & Beads Tutorial - A Protective Style by The Mixed Mama Blog

Let me know below if you have been adventurous and tried out a hairstyle that was out of your comfort zone? I would love to hear your stories.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Marjorie

    Her hair looks sooooo cute!!! I love it!!!

  2. christina allen

    Hi! You posted this link in the comments to a Multiracial Media post on Facebook and I’m so glad I checked your blog out. I have two mixed girls and although I feel that I’m caring for their hair well, I haven’t been very adventurous beyond braids and puffs. You have inspired me to learn to cornrow and try some different fun styles. I also used your links to buy some products and tools. Thanks! 🙂

    • Yah! Hi! I’m so glad. I try to have fun with the styles to help entertain myself while doing them and to give my girl something to look forward to looking at because she usually hated getting her hair done. I will say though as I learn more and do better she fusses less so thats a positive. So glad to have inspired you to try more styles out! That made my day. ♡

  3. I love this Nicholette! I wish my mama was this good at doing my hair growing up. Cornrow styles were a struggle. You have such a beautiful daughter with beautiful curls! I love your transparency and willingness to share. I’ve got a few family members with black daughters, I will definitely be sharing this with them! 🙂

    • Thank you!! ♡ I strive to be real and honest so I’m glad that comes across. Thanks for checking out my blog and for your kind words. 🙂

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