Being part of a Multiracial / Multicultural Family includes learning and educating our children about the different facets of our cultures. Our children are Polish, Italian, German, African American, and Garinagu (people of the Garifuna culture from Belize). For this Guest post I wrote for Multicultural Kid Blogs we explore Belize and learn some more about this wonderful culture & country.

10 Fun & Interesting Facts about Belize

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There are also a ton of other great posts by various bloggers there that you should explore while on their page. They are a great resource for information about different cultures that you can use to educate your children.

Check out these books designed specifically for kids to learn more about the culture and language:

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Amazing Pictures and Facts about Belize: The Most Amazing Fact Book for Kids about Belize

Amazing Pictures and Facts about Belize by Kid's U

Garifuna ABC Book

Have you ever been to Belize or another country in Central America? I would love to hear more. Let me know below where you have been and what was your favorite part?

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