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Book Illustrations Preview – Adobe Draw Practice

Book Illustrations Preview - Adobe Draw Practice

Today’s post is a little different than my normal posts. I have been slowly working on a children’s book featuring characters loosely based on my children. There is a need for more diverse books in the world (#weneeddiversebooks) and why can’t I be one to add another? Since I was a child I’ve LOVED books and drawing so it seems like a perfect fit.

Right now I am in the planning, drawing, scraping, starting over, and re-drawing stage. I have recently discovered the Adobe Draw app and have been playing around with it. It’s free, at least is it on Google Play.

First I decided to play around with turning one of my illustrations I already did for the book into a graphic version. This was my first one and I think I did pretty darn good if I do say so myself! The graphic is on the left, the middle is my drawing, and the picture on the far right is the original inspiration image.

Wait…. let me add. These are my first ones after ordering a stylus. I was using my finger and those ones… well you don’t want to see those! hahahahaha. The one I ordered was the Artist Stylus 4 in 1 by Kalogl (affiliate link – see disclosure page for more info) and its great because it has a fine tip end for detail work, a brush to mimic paint strokes, a regular stylus, and a pen. I also loved that I got it through Amazon because I ordered it Saturday evening and had it by Monday! 2-day shipping for the win!

Artist Stylus 4 in 1

So since trying it out on one of my drawings, I decided to try it out on an actual picture and see how that turned out. I found simple picture of my daughter, and then uploaded it as an “image layer” in the app, added a “draw layer”, went to work, then deleted the “image layer.” This is what I ended up with…

I played around with shadows and the paint brush stylus part. I think it came out pretty darn well again for a beginner. Let me add… skin tone is soooo hard! Ugh!

Now my dilemma…. what style do I go for? I already drew and painted all the illustrations for my book… so do I go with digitizing them? They are more cartoonish images loosely based on my children… Or do I create more realistic images?

What are your thoughts? Which version is more aesthetically appealing? Which one does your kids like more? Let me know in the comments below? In the meantime I am going to continue practicing!

Book Illustrations Preview - Adobe Draw Practice by TheMixedMamaBlog

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  1. enannylink1

    I ? your drawings!!!! Between the digital version and regular I actually like the regular version. I have children’s manuscripts that eventually I will self-publish a process. I’m proud of you ?

    • Awww thank you!!!! I like my watercolor illustrations too but I am worried it won’t compete well with all the fancier digital artists… I want to self-publish too so I’m hoping it may step up my game. Not sure. Still in the playing around step. I may create one in each and get opinions. Ugh! Who knows. Lol. Good luck with your books too!! ♡ What kind of focus?

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