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Thermal Hair Care’s Little Hot Head Review

Easy Deep Conditioning in a Rush -Thermal Hair Care's Little Hot Head Review by Mixed Family Life - for Multiracial Media

A couple months ago I was looking online on for various items to feature on my other website TheMixedShop. On that site we have a collection of various diverse toys, books, haircare, and unique clothing and accessory items geared towards curly haired, multiracial, multicultural kids and parents. While on etsy I came across Sandra Snell who is the creator of Thermal Hair Care Heat Caps.


Sandra is located in Colorado Springs, CO and she started Thermal Hair Care many years ago, after experiencing a fire that wiped out everything she owned. She created the Hot Head Deep Conditioning Heat Cap after a light bulb went off but she drew on professional and life experiences to develop it. An excerpt from her Etsy Page Profile states:

“I began my career as a hairstylist working in Studio City, CA while simultaneously attending high school. After graduating, I chose to enhance my knowledge by completing Vidal Sassoon Academy training and attended hair shows throughout the US and abroad. A lack of options to deep condition my hair at home, paired with a passion for sewing, sparked the idea that soon became Hot Head!”  You can read more about her story on her Etsy About her page.


Little Hot Heads Heat Cap – from Etsy page

I reached out to her to let her know that I loved the product idea and wanted to know if we could feature it on TheMixedShop and wanted to review it for our blog. She was so incredibly friendly and said she would send us one for free!! I was so excited. We added it to our Haircare Page and awaited it’s arrival. (THANK YOU SANDRA!)

It arrived in the beginning of December and we’ve tried it a few times since. I wanted to use it multiple times so I could get a more in depth review of it. We got the incredibly cute Sprinkles Little Hot Head ($27.95), along with the delicious smelling BubbleGum Spritzer ($5.95-sold out), and a set of 10 Disposable Shower Caps.  ($3.25)

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The first time we used it was for my daughter’s 5th Birthday. We were trying out another product, the E’tae Natural Product line, that we had gotten on sale on Black Friday. Part of the process of using the E’tae products is this amazing Carmel Deep Reconstructing Treatment that has to sit in the hair for a while. (Be on the look out for the full review in the near future). My daughter wore the Hot Head Deep Conditioning Heat Cap while doing the Carmel Treatment to really help it work, especially because we didn’t have tons of time. We then straightened her hair after for the first time in a year and it looked BEAUTIFUL!


My Birthday GirlTo use the cap (paraphrased):

  1. Put your desired hair treatment on your hair.
  2. You spray the spritzer on the inside (optional).
  3. Place the Little Hot Head on a clean, microwavable plate and heat it in the microwave (with the elastic facing up) for about 30 seconds (in a 1000 watt unit).
  4. Remove it, flip inside out and shake. Flip back and heat again for 30 seconds.
  5. Repeat number 4.
  6. Repeat again in 10-20 sec spurts if you desire more heat but do not exceed 3 minutes total.
  7. Put a shower cap on your head over your hair.
  8. Put the Little Hot Head on over the shower cap.
  9. Sit for 20+ minutes, depending on your needs and wants.
  10. Remove and enjoy!

Instructions that come with

My daughter (and I) LOVED how the Spritzer spray smelled! I seriously could’ve sat there just smelling that (I’m weird.. I know. Lol) . My daughter really liked the warmth of the heat cap on her head as well. She said it was like a warm relaxing pillow.

Since then we’ve used it a few more times. We’ve used it in the bathtub while having her conditioner soak in before combing it. We’ve also used it while pre-pooing and deep conditioning before washing. To pre-poo we’ve been trying out Righteous Roots Pre-Poo Pre-Wash Detangler Oil.  (AMAZING!! – Full Review in near future). We combined that with an Arganicare Hair Masque underneath the Little Hot Head. She sat for about 30 minutes and then we combed it out using the Conair Shower Comb. This is what we did for Christmas this year.


SERIOUSLY AMAZING!!!  Her hair has never been so easy to comb. There actually weren’t any tears (from her or I) !!

So after using it multiple times, and planning on continuing to use it every weekend on wash day, I feel it is safe to say that…


My daughter loves to wear it, I love how easy it is to comb her hair after the product gets really deep into her hair, and she has only had a few tears (over the holiday break.. mama wasn’t doing so well with the upkeep care during the week). Seriously.. you should get one for yourself. Oh did I mention…

They have one for adults too! This one is my personal favorite (which is unfortunately sold out).. look how beautiful this Celebrate Hot Head is!!


They have multiple designs and you are sure to find one that you love. Let me know if you decide to get one and what design you end up getting below? I would love to see a pic. Also if you are in a rush you can see how we use this hot head to deep condition in less than 30 minutes here.

Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Kimberly Dexter

    Thank you for the information. I’ve been trying some oils but mostly grease. This has given .e hope in myself, I’ll be able to fix my daughters dry hair. It has broken down so bad and I want to do everything I can to fix that.

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