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Midweek Hair Remix

MidWeek Remix by The Mixed Mama Blog

Today is Humpday! How’s everybody doing? Hopefully good.

During the week I usually re-do my daughter’s hair using the week’s original plan and remix it. What that means is that I take the sections I set up on Sunday and I figure something out keeping the same base. This makes it easier to do her hair and keep it looking nice throughout the week.

Midweek Hair Remix Tutorial

Since we only wash her hair once per week, which is what works best for her hair, I sometime worry about others judging her and/or us because they aren’t familiar with multiracial/multicultural/mixed kids hair. So I like to come up with new things that can be done easily before bed.

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The above is her original hairstyle from Sunday. So what I’m working with are the 2 sections in the back, the one big section on top, and the small section along the front.

First I decide to undo the braids in the back and coat the sections with this new detangling spray I’ve been trying out recently. I love how it smells. It’s called Soft & Precious Detangling Moisturizer and it is infused with olive oil & lavender. It claims that it moisturizes, conditions, softens, adds sheen, and detangles. So far I really like it. Bonus is that it makes my kids hair smell great throughout the entire next day after using it. Love it.

Midweek Hair Remix

Back Sections

Instead of re-doing the cornrows I just put two ponies in, braided, fasten them with rubber bands, and then left out a little extra on the bottom to be curly. I put some more of the detangling spray on them, ran some Simply Shea Curl Stretch Cream, and combed the bottoms to bring out the curls. Oh.. want to talk about something smelling good again? The Simply Shea Cream? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!  Love it sooo much. My children do too.

After that I took the big section on top out, sprayed it with the detangling spray, and decided to switch the side the pony was on. It was over her left ear, we switched it to over the right. I smoothed it out with the Conair boar bristle brush, added some Blue Magic Hair Conditioner, and brushed/smoothed it out again. The Blue Magic is to keep the hair smooth and moisturized. I then fastened it with a no metal elastic and braided it. I left more out on the bottom again to give her some curls. I repeated the above process for that as well.

Then for the front after taking the cornrow out, I saturated it with the detangling spray, and put more blue magic on it and smoothed it out with the brush. Instead of braiding it again I opted to do a twist. At first I tried to put it into a little bun, but it looks WEIRD sticking out the side of her head so we took that out (that’s why that spot is a little read behind her ear in the pictures) and wrapped it around the back braid on the left.

Midweek Hairdo Re-Mix

Side Twist

This is the finished natural hairstyle. Hope you like.

Midweek Hairdo Re-Mix

Finished Beauty


I’m so lucky.

Midweek Hairdo Re-Mix

My Beauty

Do you have any tips and tricks to keep your natural hairstyles fresh? Do you worry about how others view your child? What about your parenting style? Let me know below?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Your little girl has gorgeous hair! Love the way you’ve styled it.

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