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Simple & Easy Braid Hairstyle

Simple & Easy Braid Hairstyle by The Mixed Mama Blog

Here we are again. New Week, New Hair. This week we decided to go for something different but easy as our night came upon us quickly and my husband and I needed to watch The Walking Dead.

Anybody else cry and in complete shock?

Anyways…. I digress… So my daughter told me she wanted two braids and a bun. Apparently I didn’t get what she envisioned but either way, she turned out happy (she decided she liked the braid on the top instead of the bun).

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyle Tutorial: Multiracial/Mixed/Multicultural/biracial Hair Care

So first we washed her hair like we normally do. If you’d like to see the process we do check out this post where I explain step by step what I do. So we washed it and put in the products and combed through. We do this as soon as she gets out of the bath so her hair is still wet.


Detangled, wet, and moisturized.

Next we dived the hair from ear to ear. I clip or bun up the top half of the hair to keep it out of my way. Then divide that bottom section into 2 sectioned from the base of her head to the center part as seen below.

I then again section away one of the sections on the bottom that I’m not starting with. This time it was the left I was starting with so I pinned the right away. This is where some may start to think things get a little difficult. But I assure you it doesn’t.

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If you can French braid, you can do this!!

Next I take the left section. I generously apply Blue Magic to the roots of her hair and smooth it out with the boar bristle brush. I then start at the section closed to the intersection of the two parts we did. Basically in the center of her head. Now this is where you can just do a simple French braid if that’s all you know how to do.

That will still work and be beautiful.

I basically do a French braid but instead of putting the pieces you grab to add on top… you add them underneath. There are many YouTube videos that show you how to cornrow but I shared a few of them in this post that I wrote recently that seemed simple enough of explainations. So I French braid/cornrow that section and finish the length of her hair with a braid. I then repeat on the other bottom section.

As you can see in the above pictures it isn’t perfect (nor is anywhere near being even great) but when you are dealing with a kid that doesn’t like getting her hair done, and doesn’t sit still… you do what you can!

It’s ok to not be perfect!

So that was the bottom section. For the top section I didn’t want to do just one big pony because the hair at the front of my daughter’s head tends to get messy easily. So I sections off a part about an inch thick along the front of hair line to do another small braid on.

For the front braid I basically started where you would normally do a side part and then drew a line with the comb to the back of her ear. I then again put in the blue magic and smoothed it with the boar bristle brush to lay down all her baby hairs. Then I French braided again. You can’t see very well in the second picture above but you can see better below in the picture with the next section.

The second picture is blurry……. I know. But it was the only one I took that you can see what I did with the last remaining, largest section. She initially said she wanted a bun off to the side. So I smoothed it out again with the blue magic and boar bristle brush. Because this section was really big and didn’t have a braid to hold some of the shorter, baby hairs down, I was very liberal with the cream. Smoothed it and put it into a pony off to the side. I then braided it and she wanted to look in the mirror. She liked it this way so we kept it without making the bun.

Sometimes you end up somewhere different than you planned.


Other side of her head.

Somebody was feeling herself. Lol.

So that is what we ended up with. She loved it, even though it wasn’t what she envisioned originally apparently. Next we put on her silk sleeping bonnet to protect her hair while she sleeps.

Goodnight all!!!

Good luck with your hair adventures. Let me know.. do you know how to French braid? Do you think you could cornrow if you practiced enough? Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love the blog, I wish my daughter like getting her hair done. 😀

    • Oh me too! Lol. Its a mini battle everytime. Haha

      • KT

        All the information on your site is great! I’m researching ways to take care of my mixed sons hair (13 month old). Do you have any suggestions for a male version of the silk bonnet? I was thinking a Du rag for kids or silk pillow cases when he gets older…? Thanks much!!

        • I put a du rag on my son but then he had a line in his forehead for like 2 days! 🤦🏼‍♀️ I think he has sensitive skin though so it probably won’t be an issue for others. Lol. That and/or a silky/satin pillow case should be enough if you keep your sons hair on the shorter side. I can refresh my sons hair daily so its a lot easier. My daughters hair on the other hand… I need her styles to last at least the week!! Lol.

          • KT

            Thanks for sharing! My son seems to have sensitive skin now, so I may opt for silky pillow cases when he starts using pillows. My hubby and I have decided to keep his hair long until he’s old enough to decide if he wants to cut it, so let the journey begin! Thanks again!

          • Oh then practice braids! Probably too young to sit still but good to get them used to it sooner than later. Lol.

  2. Kristen Cribbs

    Hi do you have any videos on how you do your daughters hair styles?

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