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My Sister-in-Law

Let me tell you about my Sister-in-Law Salley a.k.a SIL a.k.a my sis. She is inspiring. She used to work full-time in the human services field like I do currently. She seems to have always been created for something bigger and better though…

But let me not get ahead of myself… I met Salley back in High School when I started dating her brother (my husband). She has always been so incredibly kind and nice to me and supportive of our relationship. I will never forget that about her. Fast forward to college and Sal was already the life of the room at events at Canisius College. Everybody knew her and she was involved with so much. The start of her amazing networking skills.

Sal earned her degree and then went on to study Esthetics and Cosmetology at The Salon Professional Academy in Buffalo, NY. She worked and went to school and kicked butt. I was a more than willing test participant. I got facials weekly and let her test out whatever new procedure or product she needed. It was amazing.

Sal graduated and became a Licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist. She started out small working on friends and her business started to grow. Eventually she went on to open her own Salon SKYN by SalleyNycole inside of Excellence Hair Design Spa at 59 Kenmore Ave, Buffalo, NY 14226. She worked part-time (more like full-time) after working her Full-Time human services job and worked at the Salon on the weekends as well. Sal was ALWAYS working.


Salley did so amazing at her goal that she was eventually able to resign from her human services position and open the Salon FULL-TIME! Let me tell you… she is still incredibly busy! Giving speeches to high school kids, fellow entrepreneurs, and other woman. Sal truly is inspiring. Salley is even a Celebrity Makeup Artist! So stinkin’ proud of her.

So why am I writing this? Because seeing Sal go after her dreams and turning something she enjoyed into a full-time successful life helped motivate and inspire me to just take the jump and start my blog. Because why not? You never know.



Sal recently shared a quote at a Teleconference during her speech that helped remind me that I made the right decision: “90% perfect and shared with the world is better than 100% perfect and stuck in your head”- John Acoff.

So I challenge you… to go after your dreamsMy Sister in Law: Awesome Person Spotlight: Salley Crews. Picture by TrueHeart TrueHeart

You can book an appointment with her at You won’t regret it. Right now she has a Pumpkin Spice Latte facial!!!!

Check out her pages:

Thanks for reading!

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Oh… and her husband Jamil? Just as kick butt.

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  1. NEENS!!! I never saw this until now!! AWWWWWWWWE!! I LOVE it so much! I mean wow! You did an amazing job with this blog post you are super incredible! I am so grateful for you! Thank you for seeing me as you do, and you tuned into the teleseminar OMG so awesome!

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