Mixed/multicultural/multiracial hair takes a unique set of products to properly take care of and style.

Top 10 Products for Mixed Hair: Product Recommendations for Multiracial/biracial/mixed hair care

Through various trials and tribulations I have learned what works for us and what doesn’t. Keep in mind that your kids hair texture may be different and what works for us may not work for you. I have used these products below and love them.  I will give my more in depth opinion and descriptions of them in the near future.

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1.      Conair Detangling Shower Comb: Conair Shower Comb-Top Products for Mixed HairYou can purchase here.

     2.     Lusti Organics Olive Oil Hair Sheen Spray: Lusti Organics Olive Oil Hair Sheen Spray-Top Products for Mixed Hair  It can be bought here.

     3.     Simply Shea Curl Stretch Cream: Simply Shea Curl Stretch Cream-Top Products for Mixed Hair Care  You can get here.

     4.     Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue: Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue-Top Products for Mixed Hair CareYou can view here.

     5.      Goody Classic Black Rubberbands: Goody Hair Rubberbands-Top Products for Mixed Hair Care Can be purchased here.

     6.       Mixed Boar Hair Brush: smoothing-brush  You can buy here. This is one of those items that the brand doesn’t really matter though.

     7.       Palmer’s Coconut Hair Milk: hairmilk Can be viewed here.

     8.      Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil-Top Product for Mixed Hair Care You can get this particular one here, but any organic, unrefined virgin one will work. This one just happens to be the last one I purchased.

   9.      Hollywood Beauty  Hair Cholesterol: Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol Creme-Top Products for Mixed Hair CareYou can pick up here.

  10.      Organic Root Stimular Hair Lotion: hairlotion This can be found here.

And because I just couldn’t narrow it down to only 10 items… here is a bonus item (aren’t you lucky ;p )!!

11. Blue Magic Edge Control: Blue Magic Conditioner Hair Dress-Top Products for Mixed Hair Care This bonus item is here.

I will be doing a follow up posts soon explaining how I use these items. Let me know below which one you are most curious about?  Which one should I do first?

Thanks for reading!!

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